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Jul 2016
Vincent Jo
Jul 03 2016 01:09
Hi JJ, I hope you are doing well. I've been recently building an app that makes HTTP requests using SAM
it's been quite fun, and it's making me think a lot of what state to keep track of, and the corresponding model properties.
I saw in one of your examples that you had an ancillary function that would reset the properties in the model.
Is this something that is better than let's say, I keep 100s or 1000s of model properties and 10s of 100s of states to keep track in my app? Meaning, I would never reset them to a default value; rather I can set them and switch them from false to true but nothing ancillary.
I hope the question makes sense; I can give more context if requested, no prob let me know thanks.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jul 03 2016 01:40
that sounds like a lot, I have trouble to picture why you would need to keep so much state in the model, we could meet to discuss your use case .