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Jul 2016
Fred Daoud
Jul 19 2016 12:43
Mike Nichols
Jul 19 2016 21:10
howdy @foxdonut . i am here :). I just completed my first PAL/SAM application (I selected the PAL acronym...SAM is too conflated imo). It is a little unclear to me what you are trying, but I have the view-model hold on to references to the results of mount calls and if possible calls update on those tags based on input 'representation' descriptors in the display function. To me, the 'representation' produced by the riot-view-model is an object tagName, mount action, and opts (eg data). The 'display' function simply knows how to handle that descriptor and mount/update/unmount per the representation spec object.
Fred Daoud
Jul 19 2016 21:48
@mnichols thank you! that sounds good. would love to see some examples when you've got 'em :) As for me, thanks to very helpful people on the riot channel, I was able to resolve the problems I was having. What I am trying is simply to integrate Riot with Meiosis. Here is a simple counter example: