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Jul 2016
Vincent Jo
Jul 21 2016 00:33
@mnichols does electron use React or is it framework agnostic?
Mike Nichols
Jul 21 2016 00:34
electron is like node+chrome. there isnt any opinions on how you render your markup
Vincent Jo
Jul 21 2016 00:35
Ohh I see that's neat
That's kind of like what we use at work
I dev on chrome and that sits on top of hardware
Fred Daoud
Jul 21 2016 12:02
@mnichols I do realize that the compiler does the equivalent, but writing the function myself means I can gain control of it, and make it a higher-level function:
var setup = function(actions) {
  riot.tag("counter", `
    <button onclick="{ actions.increment }">Increment</button>
  `, function() { this.actions = actions });
It also means that I don't need a compile step at all, simplifying the top-level update function:
var getUpdateFunction = function(domElement, rootTagName) {
  var tags = riot.mount(domElement, rootTagName);

  return function(model) {