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Aug 2016
Edward Mulraney
Aug 19 2016 10:38
@chiwoojo wouldn't joining them be simple if you just joined it on a named property?
rather than try to merge the two into one
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Aug 19 2016 12:54
That's probably where a framework like Meiosis would shine, helping "wire" components into a broader SAM structure. SAM is very "atomic": actions, units of work in the model and state representations can all be easily wired in (I don't want to use "mixed in").
I believe that the mix-in model in react didn't work because the React component model (with state, props, and lifecycle) was too strong and didn't compose very well. In comparison, all the SAM elements are loosely coupled and therefore compose in a much easier way.
Vincent Jo
Aug 19 2016 14:39
@edmulraney joined it on a named property? what do you mean?
can you show me a example
Jeff Barczewski
Aug 19 2016 21:27
@jdubray yeah I believe that using mixins was a bit of a hack since under the covers it had to deal with playing nice with all the other mixins. Plus the team would really prefer people move towards a more functional approach than using objects. Thus higher order components and functions became an alternative way to compose things without dealing with the hack of mixins.