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Aug 2016
Aug 23 2016 16:52
the redux thread where SAM was mentioned (reactjs/redux#1385) asks about immutability (specifically, its disadvantages). There are some interesting thoughts on the thread, although I don’t feel they address the more fundamental concepts. @jdubray, in one of your presentations mutability was mentioned as one of the core aspects of SAM, it would be great to hear your thoughts on mutability vs immutability
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Aug 23 2016 19:36
1/ quoting Erik Meijer, immutability buys nothing: "Contrary to popular belief, making state variables immutable comes nowhere close to eliminating unacceptable implicit imperative effects"
2/ Everyone who talks about Redux talks about scalability problem as the single state tree grows in size and you have to make a copy for each event
3/ I would also add that Elm, Redux, ... tend to require ancillary state machines to keep track of things like "fetching" and so forth, and again that comes at a cost, though it is not directly related to immutability, just a consequence of trying to control effects