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Sep 2016
Sep 26 2016 15:23
wouhou, finally I have been able to make a first try with the SAM pattern. I've been fighting with browserify, trying to separate my code in multiple files, and I made finally ! It brings nothing new to this conversation but it's a little victory ! I wanted to be able to do that before trying meiosis without understanding how each pieces was linked :D
(took some time to understand that we can require a file more than once (with browserify) without breaking everything x))
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Sep 26 2016 15:54
you can also use Google Traceur if you'd like, I found it very approachable
The TODO sample is using it for the ES6 version
Fred Daoud
Sep 26 2016 16:04
Nice, @kelyak !
Fred Daoud
Sep 26 2016 20:52
I think it is a testament to the simplicity and elegance of the SAM pattern, how easy it was to implement Meiosis-Tracer and also to add support for just about any vdom library to Meiosis.