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Nov 2016
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Nov 24 2016 02:45
I have started to collect donations to help build the SAM Pattern samples. I will commit $200/month over the next 12 months. So the budget for next month is $235.
I was thinking to ask someone to build a vue.js and mobx sample, unless you guys have some better suggestions.
Edward Mulraney
Nov 24 2016 13:43
I'd be happy to share my latest experiement with you once its done: writing an app as a specification rather than with any implementation detail. so in theory you could swap in Redux, or Meiosis, or whatever framework you want. I'm quite interested in the idea of a specification (which can be processed by a framework) rather than using a framework directly in your app
Edward Mulraney
Nov 24 2016 13:57
btw have you guys seen ?
it looks very good
run(effects) is basically nap
Edward Mulraney
Nov 24 2016 14:02
and if you dont like RxJS just mentally read it as axios.get() etc.
Edward Mulraney
Nov 24 2016 20:00
the way tom handles declarative effects is very nice. this is great for being able to reason about code, working in a team, quickly adding new features etc.
clearly isolated into an area
Zach Dahl
Nov 24 2016 21:56
Have you looked at cerebral @edmulraney ? Declarative decision trees using arrays and objects
Edward Mulraney
Nov 24 2016 21:59
that looks cool