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Nov 2016
Zach Dahl
Nov 26 2016 04:38
@foxdonut I've only used it as a part of cerebral in the tutorial, but I like the idea of using it standalone.
devin ivy
Nov 26 2016 05:41
so many great ideas in cerebral– truly– but seems to still have issues with state management in some cases, no? any view can call a signal to mutate state directly if i'm understanding correctly. their state tree idea was very nice for mutable state, but didn't find maturity before it was legacy.
but for what it's worth, i'm sure the departure from SAM/redux is intentional, at least in cerebral v2.
zero concept of a "critical section." almost violates the idea outright. i do really think the function tree is great though :)
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Nov 26 2016 21:21
React/Redux has a programming model problem:
It would really help if someone could define a reference programming model we can all return to decide on guidance