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Dec 2016
Vincent Jo
Dec 02 2016 00:10
sorry I haven't been here awhile
we have these calls like {someURL}/shelf/asdfjlashfiawuhcviu98759734yf879hi4unfjskdhyc897sdyh9r234/books
and the asdfjlashfiawuhcviu98759734yf879hi4unfjskdhyc897sdyh9r234 is the id
of the shelf
I just think that's silly
I ask my backend team about it and they said it's REST so I started to think REST is weird
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Dec 02 2016 01:15
that's reasonable though, this is how it should be implemented
I am not a big fan of REST for obvious reasons since it is a "noun" oriented view of the world, and I am an action oriented guy.
Edward Mulraney
Dec 02 2016 13:11
@inrix-vincent-jo it sounds like you think the id is silly or is it something about the url construction?
@jdubray i can't see in what context your resources would be anything other than nouns? rest has actions in as much as GET/PUT/POST/DELETE/... etc.