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Jan 2017
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jan 03 2017 14:50
yet another example as to why we need a precise definition of what an action is?
Here is the original video explaining the difference between inheritance and composition. As you can see, tightly coupling actions to types creates lots of problem, if on top of that your actions are just a bag of code
Vincent Jo
Jan 03 2017 19:05
his face intimidates me
Vincent Jo
Jan 03 2017 19:12
for 2017 for me... I'm having a lot of fun with using SAM for an Alexa podcast playing app I'm building... I want to take this app into production.. I will get some prototype users to try it out and kill bugs + add features for production
I now believe SAM can be used anywhere that's software related as long as the language lets you use the architecture
@jdubray I like the api nice
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jan 03 2017 20:20
that's REST 101, one of the rare cases where it actually works
this guy is both good and hilarious! love watching his videos now and then!
looking forward to test your Alexa project
devin ivy
Jan 03 2017 22:16
@jdubray he's great :) thanks for sharing