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Jan 2017
Edward Mulraney
Jan 09 2017 17:29
be interesting to see a comparison of TLA+ vs CSP. from what I've seen so far, TLA looks simpler
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jan 09 2017 21:45
@edmulraney from what I understand of CSP, it's a protocol / wiring while TLA+ defines a programming model. So any node participating in CSP would have a TLA entry point (request = action, response = state representation). Obviously the CSP wiring has some great properties, CQRS (as wiring) also has some great properties, different from CSP. IMHO, they are complementary and you should be careful not using a "wiring" paradigm as your programming model though it has been a trend (e.g. Cycle.js uses RxJS as a programming model when it's nothing more than some (nice) wires).
I look at it in more details tonight
@stephensong welcome mate! Any question we can answer for you on SAM or the infoQ article?