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Jan 2017
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jan 21 2017 02:51 UTC

@devinivy catching up on the video you shared, you gotta love this line of code in the reducer:

    if (!state) return initialState ;

Do people using Redux even understand what a reducer is?

Slađan Ristić
Jan 21 2017 09:46 UTC
@inrix-vincent-jo I also did it like JJ suggested, was quite easy, really, the factoring is natural. :) Maybe its a green pattern.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jan 21 2017 22:07 UTC
@sladiri just to be clear, I take no credit, all these ideas are coming from TLA+. I cannot claim I have interpreted TLA+ perfectly, but I have tried to stay as close as I could possibly be.
devin ivy
Jan 21 2017 23:20 UTC
@jdubray that stood-out to me too