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Feb 2017
Rodrigo Carranza
Feb 04 2017 02:20
I'm experimenting Dart + Web Components + SAM. I once experimented Dart + Web Components but haven't found a clear way to handle data binding.
Radosavljevic Slobodan
Feb 04 2017 05:20

@jdubray thanks so much for a kind welcome and a clear explanation. Step by step I'll go through, that's for sure.

Keep on spreading the idea, I'll be spreading the idea too but I need to make a real world product built with it first as I don't want to be an ignorant zealot :). By the end of this year I plan to ship a web app/mobile app that deals with on demand requests. Since I'm a front end developer and I don't know enough about the server side of things, couple it with limited resources that is always a constraint, my decision on the server side stack would be nodejs/graphQL (ie, or maybe Firebase, any advices/thoughts?

Radosavljevic Slobodan
Feb 04 2017 05:26
I choose React on the front-end because it will give me a cheap way of building a "native" app.
Radosavljevic Slobodan
Feb 04 2017 05:42
But now that I'm reading what you have to say - I'll probably go with
Marcus Feitoza
Feb 04 2017 12:11
@radosavljevic If you want build mobiles apps you need check:
Or even Xamarin
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 04 2017 12:11
@radosavljevic I am not seeking to create a herd of followers, I am happy when people are constructively banging on the pattern, it just makes it stronger. All too often people in our industry just expect some kind of blind trust.
@radosavljevic @mfeitoza I would also look at Ionic2. SAM works really well with Angular2.
@radosavljevic SAM works really well to structure the back-end. I can certainly help you getting started on the node.js side. You'd be surprised how easy it gets. I certainly would stay away from GraphQL.
Firebase looks very interesting though I have not had enough time to build something with it yet.