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Feb 2017
Slađan Ristić
Feb 07 2017 00:29
I tried to re-create your parent-child composition example (the "headless" one) @jdubray . It is a quick thing, bot render the same, except the child shows one additional field, from parent's model.
When the parent updates, it causes the child to re-render, no action sent.
The child uses the same state-representation function for both models.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 07 2017 03:46

If you are interested in Conversational Computing, SAM is a great fit for that too. The problems with Conversational Computing are very well stated in this article

Since rule-based frameworks are not intended to provide AI capabilities to parse or classify incoming messages, the developer must code all of the necessary message processing and interaction logic by hand. It is not uncommon for even simple applications to require hundreds of rules to handle the different dialogue states in a typical conversational interface.

The bottom line is that the graph of dialog states and transitions is very dense. That's where SAM comes to the rescue.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 07 2017 04:05
The pattern event/event handler becomes a bottleneck in complex state/action graphs. Dialog state handlers will quickly become hard to write due to the coupling of action/model/state