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Mar 2017
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Mar 15 2017 03:14

It's good to see that not all people are taking Redux as a dogma. That being said, I would disagree with that approach:

Crucially, our projections are defined in a namespace which is logically part of our shared domain model, and not directly within our view models.

IMHO, the projects should be in the (view) component domain. The goal is really for the view components to be decoupled from the model.

That is SAM:

But. The whole point of this architecture is that it’s the actions and projections which are used by the outside world, and it’s only those elements that ever access the mutable data, and only in a carefully controlled, synchronized context.

Hopefully the redux camp will wake up one day

Jean-Jacques Dubray
Mar 15 2017 03:19
They will also need to add nap
devin ivy
Mar 15 2017 03:26
i think what they're doing regarding projections is in the spirit of sam, despite how one can interpret that line you quoted above. if they defined the projections within a view component, then that view would be coupled to the model (the implementation of the projection would reference the model). they way they do it doesn't cause that issue.