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May 2017
Viktor Yakubiv
May 15 2017 16:06
I see, SAM implementation requires global scope. Is it OK to write actions globally?
Jean-Jacques Dubray
May 15 2017 16:37
@viktor-yakubiv you need a way to wire the view components to the actions. I don't know any other way, but there might be a smarter way to do it. @foxdonut, how is meiosis doing it?
@viktor-yakubiv in general people like to have a "component model", I use the one I have suggested routinely.
SAM is independent of any wiring you choose to use, in particular the actions could be implemented on the server (say for enrichment, rather than calling APIs from the browser). This can be done via a simple dispatcher and present the action's proposal (created on the server) to the model running in the browser. SAM is also independent of the architecture of your application.
Viktor Yakubiv
May 15 2017 16:46
@jdubray, yeah, I understand SAM's flexibility. Of course, I saw your suggestion of simple blog and am inspired by it. Now I think about nesting of SAM applications and component approach in it.
Fred Daoud
May 15 2017 16:53
@viktor-yakubiv @jdubray meiosis uses functions called by the view, for example: