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Jul 2017
Michael Terry
Jul 18 2017 21:58


I think it's a matter of not having control over it. i.e. setState(...) doesn't just set the state, it triggers a re-render. Worse in angular, obj.value = 5 triggers a re-render.
For React, again, this is entirely avoided when you stay away from using state, props, setState, etc.
You can totally take control and clearly define your programming step by just using ReactDOM.render.

Do you have an example where you manage a react app using this pattern?
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jul 18 2017 23:02
There are three samples here but it's pretty basic
I found React's structure to be quite constraining. @foxdonut suggested we could possibly use publish/subscribe like with Angular
Michael Terry
Jul 18 2017 23:05
I've reviewed those samples before, I'm just curious how he organizes it to call ReactDOM.render instead of setState