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Aug 2017
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Aug 03 2017 14:10
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Aug 03 2017 17:58
In the interview, Dr. Lamport speaks about the bakery algorithm which would work like a charm to deal with Concurrency in SAM (model). Each action would be assigned an actionId (~thread/process Id). The lock/unlock would be equivalent to enter present/ complete render.
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Antanas A.
Aug 03 2017 18:11
So simple
devin ivy
Aug 03 2017 18:22
does next-news have any interaction?
i can't find any interactive interfaces
Antanas A.
Aug 03 2017 19:39
seems not working
but demo is demonstrating server side rendering capabilities
Fred Daoud
Aug 03 2017 20:37
@antanas-arvasevicius I don't see anything compelling there, would you mind indicating a specific part that you find particularly interesting?