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Aug 2017
Radosavljevic Slobodan
Aug 09 2017 09:10 UTC
@jdubray could you explain the screenshot above? What's the language in question?
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Aug 09 2017 10:10 UTC
this is a pseudo classical state machine language. it's an article I could have written myself before I knew about the work of Dr Lamport.
It's an illustration of something we should never do again.
Antanas A.
Aug 09 2017 11:44 UTC
so 10 years mark is not enough to gain proper UI development practices
what's "proper"?
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Aug 09 2017 16:33 UTC
I don't mean to politicize this forum, and even less convince people that I am right, but I believe we should all be cognisant of these words from Carl Sagan as I feel they are just as applicable to our industry, there is a general trend, as the level of inter-communication increases

I particularly like the

[we become] unable to distinguish what feels good from what's true,
we slide, almost without noticing [into Cargo Cults]

Antanas A.
Aug 09 2017 18:05 UTC