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Sep 2017
Michael Terry
Sep 10 2017 02:52
@foxdonut Where would nap go in your fundamental example of Meiosis?
Sep 10 2017 21:36
@pfurini I saw that you looked into ngrx/store recently and found it to be overly complicated. For this very reason I attempted to implement something similar, but based on SAM instead of Redux:
The only thing I regret for now is linking the SAM instance to a module. My time is limited right now, but I definitely plan to continue with it
Paolo Furini
Sep 10 2017 21:47
Thanks, I'll take a look into it.. for me the real deal breaker using Angular with... well every library or architecture I looked into till now... is that it looks artificially complicated. I mean artificially because the same thing in vanilla JS is most of the time a no-brainer (I implemented full SAM architecture in vanilla JS in an hour or so)
I started working with Angular mostly for ionic.. before that I used Aurelia for two complete SPA projects, and there were waaay less friction (and now I'm starting to understand why Rob Eisenberg chose to leave Angular team to work on Aurelia..)
Paolo Furini
Sep 10 2017 21:53
But I want to persevere and try to embrace Angular for both hybrid mobile and web apps.. Time is a limited resource, and I want to share as much as code as possible between platforms