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Sep 2017
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Sep 26 2017 21:15
Interesting talk on the evolution of react programming models:
I know you don't like ES6 templates, but if you get to timestamp 36:39, all this code can be simply implemented via simple function calls generating the corresponding HMTL. No need for a tag syntax that maps to a function call, that's entirely superfluous, just pure cognitive overload.
You add a bit of hash-dom to make it render only the parts that change and you are done. No need for all this fancy stuff.
devin ivy
Sep 26 2017 22:05
i haven't seen that vid yet, but is it by chance about render-props?
Janne Siera
Sep 26 2017 22:06
it is
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Sep 26 2017 22:06