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Nov 2017
Victor Noël
Nov 06 2017 08:13
in class :D
Fred Daoud
Nov 06 2017 12:32
@jannesiera design by contract.. never really took off.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Nov 06 2017 17:14
@pfurini since both of us are big fans of Javascript, the GoLang discussion quickly went into, why on earth someone would want to use static type definitions. It felt awkward to him.
I am sure it would to me too, each time I see the keyword class (et al.) my blood pressure doubles.
Paolo Furini
Nov 06 2017 17:21
@jdubray haha :smile: .. I feel exactly the opposite: having tried javascript (or even typescript), python (which is great, I admit) and a bunch of other "dynamic" languages, I always feel the urge to "run away" from them, and work with static typed languages
static typing gives me a sense of correctness, at least when the compiler and other tools are smart enough (and do not suffer the same "dinosaur" syndrome as java does)
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Nov 06 2017 19:39
so strange, I feel claustrophobic (without trying to be dramatic in any way). I guess, that's why in SAM correctness is expressed in the state and not in the model.
I need to pay a visit to a psychiatrist, probably some childhood trauma.