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Nov 2017
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Nov 23 2017 16:42
As you can imagine, I am becoming a nutrition fundamentalist, and I see a lot of parallels between the Software Industry and the Food/Pharmaceutical industry. Esch time we use a "framework" is like taking some medicine. If you have some time, this presentation is very interesting and hopefully you'll start seeing the same parallels.
david kaye
Nov 23 2017 18:27
@jdubray some of the analogies are interesting ~ enzymes are the workers ~ I'd liken frameworks to a self-medicating (pain relief) rather than use-once medicine (like clearing up acne). Self-med isn't just pain relief though; if chronic it's more like escapism (treating the symptom instead of the cause). That said, Happy Thanksgiving.
Antanas A.
Nov 23 2017 18:31
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Nov 23 2017 18:40
@dfkaye_twitter for me, frameworks impose unatural constrains on your solution because they aim at treating a particular problem in the software engineering process. While they do that, they tend to create more problems which push people to adopt new frameworks. IMHO, we should seek to write framework-free code.
Happy Thanksgiving