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Dec 2017
Łukasz Lityński
Dec 23 2017 01:48
Vuex is very cool library but 1. it's coupled to Vue :/ 2. it is not immutable (which was kind of surprise for me, I thought at first that both Mobx and Vuex were immutable)
Łukasz Lityński
Dec 23 2017 01:53
but if Vuex is mutable to the core ( vuejs/vuex#802 ) then why it's even possible that Vuex Actions return proposals.? I mean if there is a mutation of state, then there is no proposals at all, true?
Łukasz Lityński
Dec 23 2017 02:06
am I wrong or NAP (in any library) could be achieved just for attach listener to the store (After each action)?
this is NAP?
reduxStore.subscribe(function nap()  { 
    if (store.getState().temperatureCelsius < 0) {
        store.dispatch({type: 'cold'});