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Dec 2017
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Dec 31 2017 00:51
If you feel like New Years Eve celebration is not for you, you might take this opportunity to learn about Monads. I have not find a single explanation thus far that makes sense. Even Doug Crockford seems to struggle with explaining them or more exactly, it kind of ended up into a "so what" moment for me.
boris sabadach
Dec 31 2017 07:53
a place to find app closer to real world ones than todomvc:
Paolo Furini
Dec 31 2017 14:45
@jdubray I had the same feelings about monads, but then I tried to think about them without the "fuss", and in the end they're not so hard to grasp.. It was an article that shed enough light for my "aha" moment, but now I can't remember WHICH one :P
devin ivy
Dec 31 2017 15:06
@hex13 i love that article!
Fred Daoud
Dec 31 2017 15:07
@bsabadach nice! RealWorld is another one, do you know of any others?