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Jan 2018
Fred Daoud
Jan 09 2018 14:21
@jdubray I am very happy to hear that your health has improved so significantly! I wish you all the best for 2018. And thank you for sharing those links, I found them very interesting. I have been reading a lot about nutrition for the past several years. I have read several accounts from different sources of people recovering from various health problems simply by changing their eating habits as you have described. It's a very natural way to be healthy and energetic. We hear so many different and conflicting diet advice, but it seems that all can agree on one thing: favour vegetables, and whole foods!
Jan 09 2018 16:26
Sorry for the dealy, but thank you @foxdonut and @jdubray! And not just for answering my random questions, but for all the time and effort you put into your technologies and these chat threads. Words can't express.
Fred Daoud
Jan 09 2018 16:51
@Vertex21 much appreciated :)