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Jan 2018
Łukasz Lityński
Jan 14 2018 19:54
@dfkaye_twitter interesting project but this presentation is too general, I don't think I've learn anything new from this presentation :/
I would I've learn because 13-17 was exactly this kind of problem I was thinking of (how to resolute conflicts in offline forks)
but in this presentation didn't tell how exactly
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jan 14 2018 20:24
One of the coolest thing about SAM is to be able to look at this kind of (otherwise cool) code and spot the problems instantly. Muttion is not Assignment
I can't imagine doign code reviews with a SAM prism.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jan 14 2018 22:41

REST/Microservices: The lost decade of distrbuted computing (2007-2017)

The complexities of state are often ignored. If you do a blue green deployment, and other services depend on data in the new shape, then they must be updated at the same time, and if the subscription service deployment fails and rolls back, they might need to roll back too, with cascading consequences.