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Jan 2018
Artyom Shalkhakov
Jan 25 2018 10:25
I've posted a question about SAM + WinForms a few weeks ago.
Thanks for helping me out!
Here's what I came up with: (Form2 updates all controls in the view based on the model values).
Artyom Shalkhakov
Jan 25 2018 10:44
The idea of adjusting the form based on model data in a linear fashion is great!
devin ivy
Jan 25 2018 13:19

@foxdonut i hope you didn't mind me tagging you here eugenkiss/7guis#19

but i feel like it's a good problem for meiosis and SAM to look at, and i think they will both lead to nice solutions

Fred Daoud
Jan 25 2018 14:13
@devinivy not at all, I'm glad you did! I actually have done part of that in one of the examples, namely creating and reusing a component in a dynamic list -- see under "Random Gif List" in this example
I also do address the part where a "parent" component "listens" to the dynamic list of components. That is, the "Total Counter" at the top of the page.
Finally the images are loaded asynchronously, not sure if that satisfies the async requirements as much as the timer component does.