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Feb 2018
david kaye
Feb 13 2018 06:52
Believe it or not I was doing actual work today, not just reading all these things online. That said, here's a tweet thread from earlier this evening in defense of Redux ~ which I think is fair ~ Ben knows what he's talking about most of the time ~
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 13 2018 17:41
@dfkaye_twitter the link does not work, but reading the thread, it illustrate well the problem with Redux, it has no solid guidelines as to how to apply the pattern. Everything I read is someone's Cargo Cult. I have no doubt it has everything to succeed and even thrive as we have often discussed in this forum, but it will only happen when someone explains with enough precision "that's how you ought to use redux". Hint, "FP" is not how one should use Redux. I hope that's clear to everyone by now.
Feb 13 2018 18:13
back at it again :laughing: