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Feb 2018
david kaye
Feb 28 2018 03:46
This showed up on one of the list sites (echojs, I think) -- have they solved the redux boilerplate problem, or is that even the problem? Looks kind of nice...
Also I had this thought last night about the Skinny Controllers, Fat Models post from 2006 - if you care -
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 28 2018 08:05
@dfkaye_twitter yes, that was a good step in the right direction, though the same thing could be said about fat models vs skinny state representations. In the end, factoring matters, and it's best to adopt a consistent approach, preferably with no logic in the view.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 28 2018 08:14
I didn't find much light in redux-box, the essence of SAM is the separation Action/Model/State Representation. It seems they just allow for more compact reducers without changing structure of the code.
Fred Daoud
Feb 28 2018 17:54
I didn't find much light in redux-box
Neither did I.
devin ivy
Feb 28 2018 18:57
i felt like it was close. it didn't actually adopt the semantics of something like vuex. also not a fan of sagas.
(i mention vuex because i've seen them compared before)
Paul Reimer
Feb 28 2018 22:10
I wonder how SAM compares/differs to the CQRS pattern? (