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Mar 2018
Michael Terry
Mar 09 2018 19:26
anyone here has prior experience with Firebase? I'm looking for a complete backend platform (auth, permissions, notifications, real-time syncs, file storage) mostly to build fast MVPs.. but two things scare me of Firebase: JSON document storage (I prefer a relational backend), and vendor lock-in (especially data lock-in, primarily the stored files). But I'm having a hard time in finding an alternative that does not rely on JSON based storage and that has a full storage API (I need to store a large amount of images)..
@pfurini I've deployed 2 small (~2000 LOC) internal apps with Firebase and SAM
I believe there is a ton of value at this scope
if you can extremely rapidly create good looking, user friendly, working applications, you can unlock a lot of business value
Firebase works beautifully here and is free for this use case
internally, it's great because it has built in Google oauth stuff and we use GSuite
so I don't have to build any of that
I would also use it for prototyping or creating an MVP for a mass market product
in fact, I'm working on that
I don't think it's very easy to predict how hard it will be for a system to handle different scales, so I'm not going to spend a ton of time making bad guesses
like John Carmack says, "If you're stuck between two approaches, just try both"
Michael Terry
Mar 09 2018 19:31
I'm fine with refactoring later if need be
I'm interested in investigating Datomic and gundb down the line, if need be
I'm also OK with running multiple DBs, use the best tool for the job
I'll put bigger objects in S3