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Mar 2018
Paolo Furini
Mar 10 2018 16:54

@formido thanks for your firebase comments!

I don't think it's very easy to predict how hard it will be for a system to handle different scales, so I'm not going to spend a ton of time making bad guesses

for experiments, MVPs and POCs that's nearly always true.. but in other cases I plan ahead and define the constraints of the final product. For example I'll need plenty of storage, and that's pretty much expensive with Firebase (and google cloud in general), but I already found an hybrid approach to leverage both a firebase storage and an external storage at a lower cost

Paolo Furini
Mar 10 2018 17:01

I'm also OK with running multiple DBs, use the best tool for the job

yes, that's the usual case in a micro-service architecture.. in the end I'll use a combination of document storage and RDBMS (postgres). On a side note, I'm not very fond of nosql, as I see it more like a trend among young devs. I'm pretty much convinced that no more than 20-30% of usages I see in the wild are valid, while the rest are more related to the "no(I'm too lazy to study)SQL" movement...

with postgresql I'm able to achieve nearly 150% of what mongodb provides, only in less time and with more performance
Janne Siera
Mar 10 2018 17:09
@pfurini just to add my 2c. I've used Firebase for a POC android app. It was pleasant to get running quickly, and I used Google auth to not have to deal with authentication as well. I also needed a bunch of image stored, as well as an API service to orchestrate some third party APIs. For the images I just dropped them on a server VM a colleague of mine had running. For the API I actually wrote a small http api in GoLang (on the same server).
If you have any questions let me know, although its a while ago for me too.
Oh and I don't recommend writing a native Android app for POC's. That was such a pain lol :P. These days I use VueJs for RAD.
Although Vue wouldn't have suited very well for that specific project anyway, but that's something else.
Paolo Furini
Mar 10 2018 17:39
@jannesiera thanks for sharing your experience.. I'll definitely start using firebase with my next MVC/POC, but I'll try to use as much services as I can, just because I want to evaluate the whole range of features. But in the end I'll probably need to add a private API in the mix
for a POC and MVP I'd go with ionic (and even for most production apps, if not animation intensive)
david kaye
Mar 10 2018 19:15
Interesting - maybe a bit too opinionated - post by a guy who does not like MVC
Paolo Furini
Mar 10 2018 20:56
Really interesting, I was using a mix of kong as api proxy, and kontena for horizontal scaling, but this stack seems to be on another level..
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Mar 10 2018 22:45
yes, quite incredible if you ask me, ... though a bit of SAM here and there could go a long way in matching some of the Envoy capabilities.