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Mar 2018
Paolo Furini
Mar 12 2018 18:56
@jdubray wow, it deserves one-hundred likes only for this statement: "Service discovery is actually an eventually consistent problem. Let's recognize that and design for it".. that's the first time I hear such a strong statement against "just try to make everything fully consistent", and I love it ;)
devin ivy
Mar 12 2018 19:00

it's funny, i just saw this quote from werner vogels yesterday,

Other lessons are related to how you access services: If you want to be able to aggregate services easily, if you want to insert advanced infrastructure techniques such as decentralized request routing or distributed request tracking, you need a single unified service-access mechanism.

that was from like 2006
my guess is that amazon has been using something similar to envoy for a decade or so...
not that it isn't very cool and interesting!! i don't expect OSS and proprietary software to always match :)
and envoy seems to have a novel approach, i like it overall. as long as there aren't bugs in the client libs :P
Paolo Furini
Mar 12 2018 19:47
Bugs are everywhere, good architectures are rare and sparse.. envoy draws an overall picture for what constitutes a good architecture, stability and alternative implementations will "eventually" come 🤓