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Apr 2018
Apr 04 2018 08:23
@jdubray can you elaborate on your comment re navigation? where does it live in SAM?
Michael Terry
Apr 04 2018 16:12
but I already found an hybrid approach to leverage both a firebase storage and an external storage at a lower cost
Yes, exactly
Firebase is great because of its real time sycning
What I'm doing is using it for view data wherever possible
For summary and report data pulled from other more canonical sources
Postgres or S3 can hold large objects or lots of objects
My stuff in Firebase is either more ephemeral or can be reconstructed/rolled up from other DBs if necessary and as needed
Michael Terry
Apr 04 2018 16:19


Another good one Haak (@avesus8) Tweeted:
The most of the mobile web app UI code sucks because of the ad-hoc navigation implementation. It lacks UI state to "view unwrap / layer reposition" logic. Web devs will benefit a lot writing a 3D game to understand that navigation is just camera movements and objects activations.

Care to give an example of how this would apply to an SPA?