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Apr 2018
Gunar Gessner
Apr 18 2018 00:57
You mean you didn't find SAM helpful or Mobx?
david kaye
Apr 18 2018 05:18
@jannesiera re 'Signals and Systems' - the concepts appear to be straightforward but some of the notation is over my head ~ I do like the appearance of "nextState" functions in Chapter 3, however
Daniel Neveux
Apr 18 2018 06:29
@gunar I did not find that Mobx brings a lot of value to link the different part of SAM (state derivation, action and mutation).
On an other I find it useful for generating the "view data" (in the State function) as an observable store to use with React.
Janne Siera
Apr 18 2018 10:56
@dfkaye_twitter the notation takes a bit to get used to, but since it's an introductory course used at Berkley they actually take the time to explain everything. I could follow quite well until the chapter on linear systems, because there they assume pre-existing knowledge of matrices etc which I'm not very familiar with.
IMHO if you are interested in thinking fundamentally about your 'programming model' then this book provides a great baseline to start understanding functional programming, pure and impure, side effects, events, streams, composition, concurrency, types, etc etc and frame those things in a meaningful way (especially because it provides a mathematical way of thinking about systems which can be computers or otherwise, as is demonstrated by the fact that the course is given to both computer scientists and engineers).
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Apr 18 2018 13:55
@jannesiera thank you for sharing, looks interesting.
Fred Daoud
Apr 18 2018 14:08
@jannesiera I see, that's pretty cool! thanks for sharing :+1:
I did Signals and Systems in university, but I don't remember any of it :grimacing:
Janne Siera
Apr 18 2018 17:39
@foxdonut any way you can track down your course material? Do you think with the experience you have now you would see that material in a new light?
Fred Daoud
Apr 18 2018 18:01
@jannesiera I went to university from 1992 to 1996, so, tracking down the material might be difficult!
but.. this book cover does look familiar...
Janne Siera
Apr 18 2018 19:41
@foxdonut ah, I see.
That book has great reviews on Amazon lol