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Apr 2018
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Apr 29 2018 10:48
FRETS A functional reactive library for implementing the SAM pattern in TypeScript
It is using maquette as a VDOM library.
david kaye
Apr 29 2018 21:47
I just read this article on the Meiosis Pattern for managing state by @foxdonut
david kaye
Apr 29 2018 22:47
I wondered why I'd thought meiosis to be a library - maybe it used to be - then I found the first sentence in the meiosis section of the page states that it is -
Think we could use - and I know @foxdonut and @jdubray have plenty of time to answer this - some more detail on how SAM and Meiosis go together or how they differ and what are their relative advantages.
david kaye
Apr 29 2018 22:54
I'd like to understand them correctly as ever so I could write the real killer vanilla examples for each, show the colleagues at work how to get rid of all that crappy framework bloat we're stuck with but of course now that I'm actually working again I don't have the same energy or focus - oh well, one can dream...
Fred Daoud
Apr 29 2018 23:01
@dfkaye_twitter the Meiosis Tutorial is the best place to learn and understand the pattern
devin ivy
Apr 29 2018 23:47
from my perspective the two are very compatible :)