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May 2018
B.J. Pohl
May 14 2018 16:51
Hoping I can ask a dumb question about code example in the "Wiring" section. In the "nap" function, I don't understand the purpose of action2(data,model.present) what is the purpose of passing the model.present to the function?
david kaye
May 14 2018 19:52
@bjpohl_twitter It's probably a leftover from an earlier version of the example. Notice that both action1() and action2() function definitions take only one data parameter, that they each call a present() function, and that the present() function is defined further down below and calls model.present().
B.J. Pohl
May 14 2018 23:23
@dfkaye_twitter thanks, kinda guessed that, but wanted to make sure there wasn't something I missed.