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May 2018
Jean-Jacques Dubray
May 30 2018 03:39
Looks interesting but the Javascript sample on the website looks weird.
david kaye
May 30 2018 16:04
@jdubray it's not entirely alien to me - it uses a factory (P), the pub/sub pattern feels different (calling subscribe() returns an unsubscribe() function), the composition sticks with the props-vs-state pattern - but it looks like it's written for the react/vue/rxjs world rather than the vanilla world...
...not a surprise...
david kaye
May 30 2018 16:18
regardless, something else came up today in another world, from another time (2013)...
Railway oriented programming via @ScottWlaschin
An error handling approach for functional languages (examples in F#)
Cue "train of thought" metaphor/jokes