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Jun 2018
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jun 08 2018 02:08 UTC
@zevenbergm In general I write a helper function that scoops the properties of the form.
onChange="actions.fieldUpdate(event, ${props(["param1", "param2"....]})"

// then props would look like this:
function props(ids) {
    return id => `'${id}' : document.getElementById('${id}')`).join(', ')
If you wanted to something something more sophisticated, you could pass an object like this:
      salesOrder: { 
           salesLines: [{ 
             deliveryAddress: { 
                     street: 'street-id' 
                     city: ' city-id'
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jun 08 2018 02:13 UTC
you could then walk that object and replace ids with the property values