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Jun 2018
Janne Siera
Jun 13 2018 19:00 UTC
@jdubray it would be very fascinating to read the e-mail exchange you had with Leslie Lamport discussing TLA+ and SAM. Would it be possible to publish them or share them with us in some way?
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jun 13 2018 20:18 UTC
I don't know if fascinating is the right qualifier, this is just JJ struggling to understand something well beyond him with a mind molded by FSMs. Ideally I would want to seek Dr. Lamport's authorization. I'll try to fetch a significant quote or two. The only thing I could try to take credit for (though I am not 100% sure) is the clarification about control state in TLA+ (PC in TLA+ examples).
devin ivy
Jun 13 2018 20:22 UTC
that reminds me! curious if anyone has read this, and what they think of it.
(mention of FSMs reminded me)
david kaye
Jun 13 2018 23:04 UTC
@devinivy Thanks for linking to that browser-state post
Especially interesting (to me) is the "vector clock" concept - turns out someone made one in JavaScript some time back