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Repo info
    Nicolas Danelon
    is this protect dead? I only see commits in update-deps branch
    Reza Akhavan
    I wouldn't say the project is dead. Frame (the api) is up to date. What makes Aqua hard to keep updated is how much the landscape in react and react-router has changed.
    And you noticed, a lot of work is already done in the update-deps branch. What's missing now is updating the tests (mainly the front-end tests)
    There was a bug with the lab-babel transpiler where it was reporting 100% coverage incorrectly.
    I opened an issue here nlf/lab-babel#9
    Which could be realted to hapijs/lab#459
    both of which are still open
    And IIRC, today react-router 2.0 was released
    Help is greatly appreciated and PRs welcome :pray:
    Kreig Zimmerman
    well i just used a heavily modified version of your framework for a project and was about to clone and send PRs for various component updates but i guess you beat me to the punch!@
    i still plan to fork it with a version utilizing a SQL db based on my work