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I'm trying to change the treeitem selected background and foreground colors... And it seems the only option would be to write it's CSS. But for which item?
Jeeeyul Lee
You can't do that. System scheme colors can be changed by only native(OS) theme customizing. SWT always uses system colors.
That's actually wrong, since the SWT does allow you to set the color of TreeItem and TableItem.
Anyway, I'm happy with the result I had so far.
Bob Farrigan
Is there any way of exporting the themes created by this plug-in into eclipse builds without the plug-in? I've tried to do this by exporting/importing the .epf but this does not seem to work. Have also tried to inject the CSS your plug-in creates using CSS Spy/scratchpad in a non plug in installed build with some limited success. Thanks!
Jeeeyul Lee
If you want to apply generated CSS to your own E4 RCP product, please checkout test.e4app
I updated to 2.3.0.I20151021-155344 today and am having several issues with it
The 2 most concerning being I cannot access the preferences page for Jeeeyul's Themes and the configuration of my top bar changed after upgrading.
Is there a way I could rollback to 2.3.0.I20150813-122144? I get a "No repository found containing: osgi.bundle,net.jeeeyul.eclipse.themes,2.3.0.I20150813-122144" error when attempting to revert my eclipse installation
Release 2.3.0I20151022-090442 fixed my issue. Apparently was an issue seen previously jeeeyul/eclipse-themes#245
Theme won't show up in the preferences tab, plugin shows in Installed software, and the error log has no errors from the plugin itself, though I do get a bunch of errors from org.eclipse.ui and org.clipse.jdt.ui running Mars.1