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Repo info
    Unnamed Player
    What on Earth have I done wrong to make this the case? (Linux, can provide further detail if necessary although I suspect I've just done something stupid)
    Unnamed Player
    Nevermind. Evidently, I have to be specific about my permalink URL in _config.yml. <3
    Hi there,
    I'm trying to apply an "active" class on my menu (I read https://jekyllrb.com/tutorials/navigation/#scenario-6-applying-the-active-class-for-the-current-page) but I'm not using the _data. Only page_paths.
    {%- assign default_paths = site.pages | map: "path" -%}
                {%- assign page_paths = site.header_pages | default: default_paths -%}
                {%- if page_paths -%}
                    <div class="items">
                        {%- for path in page_paths -%}
                            {%- assign page = site.pages | where: "path", path | first -%}
                            {%- if page.title -%}
                                <a class="item{% if default_paths == page.url %} active{% endif %}" href="{{ page.url | relative_url }}">{{ page.title | escape }}</a>
                            {%- endif -%}
                        {%- endfor -%}
                {%- endif -%}
    The part {% if default_paths == page.url %} active{% endif %} is not working

    Hey. I've been struggling for a week now to translate the navigation menu into several languages.
    I found many examples on Google where people were able to customize the translation of the menu. The articles were from 2018, maybe something has changed in the topic or in Jekyll?

    How do I create a multilingual menu:

    file: _data/navigation.yml

      - language: "en"
        - title: "About"
          url: /about/
        - title: "Archives"
          url: /archives/
        - title: "GitHub"
          url: https://github.com
        - title: "pt"
          url: /pt/
      - language: "pt"
        - title: "Sobre"
          url: /sobre/
        - title: "Arquivos"
          url: /arquivos/
        - title: "GitHub"
          url: https://github.com
        - title: "en"
          url: /

    Two languages, two subtrees with the correct URLs for either.

    Then I needed to incorporate that into the _includes/masthead.html

    {% for item in site.data.navigation.languages %}
      {% if item.language == page.lang %}
        {% for link in item.links %}
          {% if link.url contains "http" %}
            {% assign url = link.url %}
          {% else %}
            {% assign url = link.url | relative_url %}
          {% endif %}
          <a class="page-link" href="{{ url }}">{{ link.title }}</a>
        {% endfor %}
      {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

    By this design, it is not displayed even without the plugin "Jekyll Multiple Languages Plugin" in a clean theme "Minimal Mistakes"

    I tried simpler and changed the standard theme code

        <ul class="visible-links">
              {%- for link in site.data.navigation.languages -%}
                <li class="masthead__menu-item">
                  <a href="{{ link.url | relative_url }}"{% if link.description %} title="{{ link.description }}"{% endif %}>{{ link.title }}</a>
              {%- endfor -%}

    This displays all menu items in all languages.

    Please help me figure it out because I think you are the best community!

    Good day all, just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction or tell me if I am going the right way. I am completely new to Jekyll so am going through the step by step. I am having a problem where my index.html is not being pointed to and if I manually open it is printing the front matter code as text on the top line. The About.md is fine and looking at what home does open it opens the ....welcome-to-jekyll.md under the pages tab writing this it occurs that the index.html should maybe be changed to index.md..... is that right or am I off base and it should be something else. I have had a google but seem to be getting tracked down other rabbit holes as I don't know enough to know what does not apply. Many thanks in advance
    should I clear down the content from the preloaded folders?
    Or am I off base and the --- markers should not be in the index.html?
    okay got it, Visual Studio was not interpreting the liquid code as I had to add extensions, it is still intertwined with the intro pages that come with the Jekyll install but is a messy working version now.
    Hello everyone!
    I got a little problem with posting on github pages with jekyll
    I've put my file in _posts and it's in correct format and the site is okay and even a version of it gets built correctly in _site
    struggling for hours, appreciate any help. Thanks.
    Eivind Eikeset Birkedal
    If the repo is public, it usually helps linking to that, so that people can check the config and such to see what might be amiss.
    My experience though is that the issue is caused by a misuse or lack of use of baseurl on the site, making it not build links properly on Github, but that's a shot in the dark, having not seen anything from the site.
    sam Is the page rendering your posts looking at the right collection in its post loop?

    sam > <@gitter_koosha01:matrix.org> I've put my file in _posts and it's in correct format and the site is okay and even a version of it gets built correctly in _site

    Is the page rendering your posts looking at the right collection in its post loop?


    Is anyone aware of an issue while loading the dependency sassc using bundler? I'm consistently getting errors.

    I'm using Repl.it with a Ubuntu 18.04 environment.

    I've detailed the error message on the Repl.it forum and that page includes an embedded copy of my test environment. You can use a copy of my environment within the page, which is a nice opportunity for investigation and troubleshooting.

    Just in case my post above was unclear, my issue arises during the installation of jekyll. It seems to be a dependency that is failing.
    @koosha01 Also, have you setup github pages in your gems file. If you make a Jekyll project from template and include unsupported plugins then you have to compile the site locally and commit some version of _site but it would have to be called docs to work with githb pages as a subdirectory of your repo.
    Asbjørn Ulsberg
    Thoughts on how to test pre_render in a jekyll plugin gem?
    I can of course just invoke the pre_render directly, but I'm not sure what to pass in and how to make the test realistic.
    Asbjørn Ulsberg
    To ask another way: Is it possible to mock the site.pages object in a realistic way?
    Hi! I'm having an issue with my site--it keeps generating the pages for posts that I write in the _posts or _drafts directories in addition to their usual spots in _site/category. I'm not entirely sure what's happening as my _config.yml is set to its default settings.
    I'm running Jekyll 4.1.1 with Ruby 2.7 in Ubuntu 20.04 under WSL.
    looks like it's a platform-specific bug, will file an issue tomorrow
    Steve McDonald
    Does anyone use jekyll-Archive and how are you successfully passing frontmatter from the Year layout to a parent layout? While the Year layout formats the archived pages and passes that as content to my default layout for presentation, it doesn't seem to pass the other frontmatter elements.
    Blair Cardiel
    Hi everyone, got a quick question as a new Jekyll user. Let's say I've got a file in /_data called file.json, is there an easy way to make that raw file accessible on my site, eg. at www.mysite.com/file.json? Thanks in advance
    Parker hey everyone! happy to see this room here 🤓
    Hi @blair-c Blair, you could try and see if it show us in static files and use the content in another json file in the place you want it. You can put liquid tags in a json file so long as it has a header. Can be empty. Failing that you might need to reserialise the data or use symlink. Some build systems won't accept symlinks so you might not want to do that. Ive used extenively for preprocessed images
    Erick Sasse
    Hi everyone, how can I debug why a file with front matter is not being processed? I'm running jekyll s -t -V but there is no output about this specific file. Thanks in advance.
    Erick Sasse
    Just figured it out. The problem was the Unicode BOM. :)
    Alex Creamer
    Hi, what do I do if I know the year but not the day of a blog entry? Is there a certain naming scheme for my file that I can use?
    Hannes de Beer
    Hey guys
    i really need help
    i'm building data library based on filters, but i just can't find a way to create custom variables for the "where" filter
    any idea ?
    i've tried everything.
    including trying to capture JS with liquid.
    Hi everyone, I am a newbie programmer who needs help with a few things. I'm looking to pair program with someone who can coach through my bugs (I think it'll be a hour). Not sure if anyone is interested in this? Obviously, I'll pay $$
    Denver Prophit Jr.
    Is there a way to conditional display image or video by evaluating file extension?
    hi guys
    good afternoon
    I have an order to deal with, who can help me to do a Jekyll SSL certificate sales website?
    Nick Collins

    Hey everyone!
    I'm trying to use dark skin in minima.
    I tried adding skin: dark and

      skin : dark

    to my _config.yml file, but neither of these works
    And I can get teh page to update, by, say, changing something else in the config file, but the skin is not changing

    Nick Collins
    ok turns out dark theme doesn't exist in the latest release, even tho it's mentioned in the readme
    Denver Prophit Jr.
    I have a kcramdown situation with a code block of json+ld. Google is trying to parse it. How can I avoid examples getting parsed by google for structured data output?
    Hi guys. Started using jekyll yesterday, so I am very new. I built a site locally and managed to get it working with github pages, but I am having some issues with the navigation header that is automatically built with the default minima theme. Jekyll adds all new pages to this navigation bar, but seeing as I will have a lot of pages on my site, I though about categorizing them in subfolders instead. I cant find a way for Jekyll to nicely reflect this in the navigation bar. It just lists all my .md files with their YAML title, but I wish that it instead lists my categories, hopefully with some dropdown of sorts with each page in it. Is this easily doable?
    Greetings! Glad I stumbled across jekyll - I'm late to the party but I'm here now!