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Repo info
    [comment]: # thing
    that is the proper way to do it in markdown, if anyone else needs it
    An error occurred while installing kramdown (1.17.0), and Bundler
    cannot continue.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    This happens when I run jekyll new new_blog
    Bill Bennett
    I'm attempting to get Jekyll running on my Mac and have run up against this problem: internal:/usr/local/Cellar/ruby/3.0.3/lib/ruby/3.0.0/rubygems/core_ext/kernel_require.rb:85:in `require': cannot load such file -- webrick (LoadError)
    Where do I start fixing that?
    @billbennettnz: It seems the dependency is missing. You can try to install the Jekyll gems, maybe something went wrong (bundle install)
    Bill Bennett
    I suspect I could have run into problems with this part of the Jekyll on Macos guide:

    set SDKROOT (only macOS Catalina or later)Permalink

    Starting on macOS Catalina (10.15) the headers used for Ruby have been moved from their previous location which results in some gems, including Jekyll to fail installation. This can be solved by setting SDKROOT in your shell configuration to the value provided by xcrun.

    export SDKROOT=$(xcrun --show-sdk-path)

    Presumably I need to edit a configuration file with that last line of code. But I don't know which configuration file or where to find it. Can you help?
    Bill Bennett
    Does it mean running the xcrun --show-sdk-path command
    Then using the path it finds?
    And if so, where do I add this?
    Sorry if these are dumb questions but I think the Jekyll guide assumes knowledge that I don't have
    There's no dumb questions but I don't use MacOs and it was straightforward on Linux. My first guess is SDKROOT is an environment variable so you have two possibilities: execute export SDKROOT=$(xcrun --show-sdk-path) in your terminal everytime you open one to work with jekyll (env vars are limited to the current terminal session), or add it in your shell configuration file in order to always have it declared (something like ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc maybe ?)
    I have a large JSON data file and I want to generate multiple paginated pages from it. Searching online it seems that this is pretty unsupported, some places recommend doing things via collections. I was hoping someone might have some ideas of getting around the limitations. I can reformat the data pretty easily to achieve this.
    1 reply
    @benui-dev: If I understand, you have a large JSON dataset that you want to render as paginated items using Jekyll. To begin with, I think we need a bit more info about your data and how you want to render it:
    • if it's a large dataset of articles I would write a small script to generate many markdown files, making Jekyll able to generate and paginate the HTML list
    • if it's a dataset of something else that you want to render as, for example, a paginated table I see two options:
      • create a Jekyll page with some JS for rendering the data (infinite tables or something like this). The JS file can even be splitted in smaller paginated chunks to be consumed by the page. JSON files can also be served by Jekyll.
      • generate yourself the markdonw tables on pages generated by yourself (that seems tedious to me)
    I have a jekyll format I am developing that I would like to use for 2 different websites (in separate repos). Is there an easy way to only edit the main format and see that reflected on both of the github webpages? atm Im thinking a github action that PRs into the website repos is my best bet.
    Jared Salzano
    Anyone familiar with this error?
    bundler: failed to load command: jekyll (/Users/jared/work/gagesalzano2/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.7.0/bin/jekyll)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
            56: from /Users/jared/.rbenv/versions/2.7.0/bin/bundle:23:in `<main>'
    I am on an M1 mac. A lot of my stuff has been restored from a backblaze backup from my old intel mac

    And I get this issue when I try to update ruby


    Fabio Mucciante
    @jared_salzano_twitter tried with bundle install from the root of your Jekyll project?
    Jared Salzano
    Had to add gem "execjs", "2.7.0" to gemfile
    Is it possible to use jekyll-paginate with items from a data file?
    Is that a change to add external URLs (that are not in the project) to the sitemap. I am using sitemap plugin by jekyll but I didn't find the way how to make. Thks in advance.
    - jekyll-sitemap
    Hello, I started to use Jekyll this week, and so far it perfectly fit my wishes for an unclutered straighforward way to write and publish a blog. So I thought I will just come here to say a big thank you to its community for making it available. Kudos!
    hello how are friends .i have hosted a jekyll website by hackers theme n my github page section .thats a simple website.can u tell me how can i update my jekyll website by jekyll github repository?hat shall i do?
    what shall i do?
    Alexhandr Shkarov
    Hm. I've been having issues where the Jekyll server doesn't replace the localhost:4000 with the actual release. Been trying to find the reason but so far I am stuck :(
    Alexhandr Shkarov
    Nicholas Chambers
    Hi! Is there a way in Jekyll to have one ordered list pick up where a previous ordered list left off, number wise? Something like:
    1. Lorum Ipsum
    2. Lorumer Ipsumer
    some code examples here
    3. Back to the list
    The middle part is supposed to be a code fence, but apparently gitter doesn't recognize > 3 ` for code fences (or I'm just really really bad at formatting, which is also possible)
    Nicholas Chambers
    figured it out!
      1. Lorum
      2. Ipsum
    Fabio Mucciante
    @uplime the code is three backticks:
    1. A
    2. B
    just prepend spaces in your code area to have it included in the previous item list
    hey guys I just forked just-the-docs repo from github and everything seems to be working when i changed them except for baseurl, if i change it to be anything other than /just-the-docs I would get a blank page after local compile
    I just started using jekyll today and I have googled quite a bit but still havent been able to figure it out, it would be great if someone could help ;)
    Hello everyone! :)
    Is there a way to generate a new post when I add a new page? For example, I am adding a new page in /kits/builds named 0002.md with a bunch of FrontMatters+content. Is there a plugin or configuration that would create a new post in _posts that would just redirect to this page (but would appear in site.posts)?
    Hello dear friends
    Is there anyone to tell me.whats the best analytics tool for Jekyll website that's hosted on GitHub as GitHub page?
    Bogdan Semenov
    Hi all!
    We at Runa Capital have launched dedicated index for open-source static site generators. Jekyll is one of the best OS SSG in terms of Github stars and active contributors (users who made commits in the repo in the last 12 months)! And one of the best in other relevant metrics!
    Check this out: https://runacap.com/data/ssg-index/
    is there a filter for jekyll that can fold lines after n characters like the fold command in linux?
    I create an ICS file with events from _events collection, and the iCal standard demands newlines (plus then two spaces) after 75 characters