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  • Jan 31 2019 22:18

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  • Jan 30 2019 22:24
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  • Jan 30 2019 22:24
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  • Jan 30 2019 22:24
    halkeye review_requested #1906
  1. cloned the plugin, and run: mvn clean install -Dblueocean.features.trends=true
  2. run mvn -f blueocean/pom.xml hpi:hpi
  3. copied the blueocean.hpi from blueocean/target/blueocean.hpito the master Jenkins machine
  4. uninstall the blueocean plugin (just this one, and there were many more...), and installed it back from the .hpi file
Nothing happend... :(
What am I doing wrong?
Hi, I've just updated to 1.24.3, then only sucessfully finished job shows the pipeline display, any job that failed or unstable shows the build logs under protocol.
Any idea what's went wrong?

The issue appear due to commit jenkinsci/blueocean-plugin@2c4659b

and few jobs shows the pipeline successfully, others only the console log output.

Maybe the reason is, blue ocean don't want to wait for longer period.

Bassam Khouri
Hi. we started using the label attribute in the sh step. However, when viewing a pipeline in Blue Ocean, the label is sometimes the main message in the step, and sometimes the label is a faded message to the right of the shell script. How does Blue Ocean decided how/when to display the sh step label?
1 reply
Enrico Pelizzon
Hi, is anyone else having issues with the blueocean UI when running Jenkins with the BLUEOCEAN_FEATURE_JWT_AUTHENTICATION property? The error we're getting is the same one highlighted in this ticket https://issues.jenkins.io/browse/JENKINS-50387 (invalid signature). Checked the JWT token and the public key returned by the server with a different tool (https://jwt.io/) and the signature is verified correctly.
(This is with Jenkins 2.268 and Blue Ocean 1.24.3)
Julian Böhnke
Hey everyone can blueocean support scripted pipelines?
Hi May I know the safest way to uninstall blueocean plugin from jenkins
Lloyd Smith

hello everyone and happy new year!

i’ve enabled blue ocean and for some reason test results don’t display when I use the TapPublisher: https://plugins.jenkins.io/tap/

My pipeline code that publishes to Tap is this:

                $class                       : 'TapPublisher',
                testResults                  : 'test-results.tap',
                verbose                      : true,
                failIfNoResults              : true,
                failedTestsMarkBuildAsFailure: true,
                enableSubtests               : true,
                planRequired                 : true,

(The steps variable is this from pipeline passed into a class).

When I exit blue ocean, I can see the Tap test results.


Lloyd Smith

Nevermind: I’m reading this thread: https://groups.google.com/u/2/g/jenkinsci-dev/c/zNukeuLK4Og/m/SvX-b5exCgAJ

I really wish I could help with this. Seems like a fun project! Maybe one day ...

Hi, When my job exceeds 200 +, it takes 7.5 minutes to load the blue ocean homepage. It takes a long time to wait. Do you have any questions about this?
Walden Leverich
Not sure this is the right place, but I didn't see anywhere else to discuss this. We're a long-time Jenkins user but just starting to look at Blue Ocean. I saw in the readme.md mention of support for IE11 and I wanted to raise a question... WHY? Maybe because Jenkins (core) supports it? Probably not a great reason, especially on the UI front. As the head of a software company myself I know the "cost" of supporting IE and it's not worth it. Heck, even Microsoft isn't support IE11 in Teams now, and won't support it in the rest of Office365 come the summer. It's time to let IE go the way of Netscape 4.78. ;-)
Controversial intro to the group, I know... :-) I await hate-mail. :-)
Ullrich Hafner
@WaldenL I think it is too late to look at Blue Ocean as the development has been stopped.
Hi guys. I have only one job where the blue ocean interface is getting stuck... just loading page until browser gives up. Where can i start from to check what is happening?
Hi All, I Would like to install jenkins 32 bit and anyone help me for that?
@uhafner Hi what did you mean by saying "development has been stopped"? Does it mean the Blue Ocean plugin is dead?
Ullrich Hafner
From my perspective yes, see https://groups.google.com/g/jenkinsci-users/c/rOjXIB-pkQ8/m/V1FC4d5aCAAJ for details. I think Cloudbees is just providing support for existing features, no new features are in work.
Hello people,
I hope everybody is fine
I have a question about Blueocean, I have recently changed repository and my plugin the blueocean still shows me the old one repository, is there any way I can change this? Maybe reset configuration or something similar?
big TY
Fela Ameghino
Hey, is this the right place for a lil feature request?
Specifically, I would love to see html tags properly rendered in build description box:
And this is how it looks like on Jenkins:
Ken Shaffer
was watching old cloudbees youtube video and a text based pipeline editor appeared; is there a plugin I need or keyboard shortcut? I can see the pipeline gui-based editor, just not text in order to add in conditionals
Manuel Rinaldi
Hello does anyone knows how I can transfer data from two kubernetes agents ? Let’s say I have files from npm run build done on nodejs container and I want to transfer to docker dind container to build image
Manuel Rinaldi
I have actually solved the problem. As I am using kubernetes podTemplate, nodejs and docker are actually in the same pod and share the same filesystem so no need to copyArtifacts between containers

Dear Community,

I am currently working on project in which i want to display blueocean pipeline ui on java project
or an API that has access to stage status on real time

Is there any solution that you could suggest ?

Many thanks

Alastair Waddell

Hi All. I'm after some advice about how best to replace a blueocean plugin, blueocean-pipeline-api-impl in this case, with a private version. For background, my working environment blocks direct access to GitHub and provides a local Artifactory instance from which I fetch mirrored plugins and to which I deploy my own version. The path I've been down is to mimic the the blueocean-plugin (maven parent) and declare my own plugin (eg blueocean-pipeline-api-impl :1.24.5-myplugin) as a dependency. Things work with hpi:run and I can run blueocean successfully and get the functional changes I want from my own blueocean-pipeline-api-impl . My replacement parent uses my own namespace eg com.mycompany and I ended up having to use io.jenkins in the private Artifactory to succeed with the child plugin. All good until I try to deploy to a staging environment where, when I bake my Dockerised Jenkins image (derived from jenkinsci/docker) using the jenkins-plugin-cli to add my child and parent plugins, the cli instead resolves the original plugin. I've gone through each plugin that declares a dependency on blueocean-pipeline-api-impl and added an exception in the parent plugin to try and workaround this but to no avail.

What I'm after is guidance on the best approach to take for this case of a bespoke version of a child plugin. It may be that my only problem is now with jenkins-plugin-cli but it's also likely that someone can point me to a better pattern for how to go about the whole thing.

Elie Mouawad
what is the recommended way to use a multi-choice ui control in blueocean - ive tried extendedChoice and activeChoice plugins - they both work fine but getting an error in blueocean pipeline: this pipeline uses input types that are unsupported. Use jenkins classic - which is fine but i would like to stay in blueocean - any recommendations?
1 reply
Hi, how can I deploy images to eks cluster from docker hub (I have completed building java app->using maven plugingin-> create and push docker image to dockerhub) now I need to deploy it to eks cluster
Simon Symhoven
HI everybody. I am using bitbucket cloud and installed jenkins via helm charts on a kubernetes cluster. I am able to add a pipeline via the default ui interace but if i try to add a new pipeline via blue ocean, i am not able to log in with my creentials. I am getting a 403 Forbidden in the /validate request. Does anyone have an idea? The only relevant thing, which appears in the logs is the following:
2021-06-14 09:43:20.175+0000 [id=11]    WARNING o.e.jetty.server.HttpChannel#handleException: /reload-configuration-as-code
i am using jenkins baseline 2.289
Hi all, is it possible to do the equivalent of setting the env variable httpsPort in Jenkins within the jenkinsci/blueocean docker container? I'm asking this very specific question as it would resolve a larger issue I'm having. I'm new to this area, thank you in advance for any help. Ant
I managed to do the above by creating another image based on jenkinsci/blueocean and appending --httpsPort=1443 to the end of the line reading 'exec java....' in /usr/local/bin/jenkins.sh. Thanks for the help..
what is the recommended way to use a multi-choice ui control in blueocean - Want to use extendedChoice and activeChoice plugins - they both work fine but getting an error in blueocean pipeline: this pipeline uses input types that are unsupported - Please suggest me on how to have mult-choice control or dropdown with a filterable option in blueocean.
Thomas Ramé


Is this room still active?

Sverre Moe
I think Blue Ocean is dead.
Steven Foster
long live blue ocean
Sergey Kachanovskiy
is it like really irreversibly dead?
Steven Foster
kinda imo, I think the original team have been gone for awhile and people have found it difficult to properly continue evolving it. There is a UX group which has UI overhaul as a goal but I haven't been keeping up with it
Sergey Kachanovskiy
any link to this ux group proceedings maybe?
Steven Foster
https://www.jenkins.io/sigs/ux/ looks like they have a gitter room
Sergey Kachanovskiy
thanks, need to have a look
i have almost started doing my own blueocean instead :)
Craig Rodrigues

@DJViking I think most of the original Cloudbees crew who worked on BlueOcean have left Cloudbees. The way that BlueOcean was implemented was a "big bang" that adopted technologies not used before in the core Jenkins stack.

Unfortunately, BlueOcean is a bit complicated (combinations of Java + NodeJS), so it is tough for the community to step in and maintain the code, and keep it going.

It's too bad, because the visualization of pipelines is quite nice in BlueOcean, and nothing else I have seen in the Jenkins ecosystem comes close.

It looks like the latest commits to the jenkinsci/blueocean-plugin repository are trivial commits to bump up dependencies.

Craig Rodrigues
@DJViking Looks like Tim Jacomb has been working on a plugin to take the BlueOcean view of pipelines, but display them in the classic Jenkins UI:
Craig Rodrigues
If more people can maintain the pipeline-graph-view plugin, that seems like the best way to salvage UI work that was done for BlueOcean in the long term
Charles Ritchea
How do I properly uninstall Blue Ocean? I've disabled all of the plugins, this works until I do a plugin update (I like to update everything, not cherry pick) then the plugins are enabled again. There is no uninstall option for these plugins.