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Sep 2014
Carl Loa Odin
Sep 22 2014 12:09
@bassrock Hey guys! Using the gitlab plugin here and it works great :)
have a small question, I guess I miss configured somewhere
when gitlab merge a branch my merge-request test job is triggered (I guess) by the removal of the branch
and of fails
which leaves failed test runs on all merged merge requests
anyone have a clue on what I could look at to fix it?
Sep 22 2014 14:05
just to understand the issue
there is no MR, but you merge from a branch to another
isn't this just a push to the target branch?
what does the console output say?
Carl Loa Odin
Sep 22 2014 20:26
 > git rev-parse origin/yellow-on-behave-failure^{commit}
ERROR: Couldn't find any revision to build. Verify the repository and branch configuration for this job.
Finished: FAILURE
@xaniasd and this is a branch that was deleted on merge in gitlab
so it does seem like it’s trying to run a branch that was deleted