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Feb 2015
Jake Clarke
Feb 19 2015 15:45
Hey, has anyone got any experience with builds intermittently being triggered by merge requests? Its making our CI very unreliable.
Luis Fernandes
Feb 19 2015 17:11
everything seems fine here, maybe check your jenkins configuration on what triggers a build ?
Henri Gomez
Feb 19 2015 17:14
I don't see such behaviour here
Doug Campbell
Feb 19 2015 17:14
I am having issues too
like 50% of my merge requests trigger a build. if I go back and edit the MR than it ussually triggers it. Sometimes it takes 3-4 edits though
I am running Gitlab 7.7.2
Feb 19 2015 18:43
@mildewonrice and @JakeClarke do you see in the log a merge request payload being sent? A lot of the time I have seen it being an issue with Gitlab not triggering the hooks