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Jul 2017
Martin Ba
Jul 25 2017 08:01
@oleg-nenashev I figured as much. It's a shame really. Concurrent job runs seem a bit of a step child anyway, at least once you need anything more from them. But whatcha gonna do if the build+UT takes 3 hours. I've already beaten the hell out of the Job_DSL stuff, but for some things, it just doesn't make any sense to have multiple identical jobs.
Jul 25 2017 11:39
I updated jenkins via apt-get today and get this error: ERROR: No Java executable found in current PATH: /bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin
what happened?
Kanstantsin Shautsou
Jul 25 2017 11:46
Unrelated to jenkins
Jul 25 2017 12:01
GUYS please check google group thread & My last reponse
difference between two job types & configurations
Jul 25 2017 12:39
Can anyone advise me the package is throwing that error?
Jul 25 2017 13:22
@lolJS I recently had an issue where a plugin that required a core upgrade to 2.60 was installed and then refused to load (why not prevent the upgrade instead?!),
@lolJS that screen with all those errors you have to just look at each and see which failed to load because a dependency failed to load, then find why the dependency failed to load, fix that, restart, repeat
@lolJS server was in such a bad state, even after upgradeing to 2.60, that I had to manually download and install quite a few .jpi files
Jul 25 2017 14:07
I have just tried to replicate my environment, have installed jenkins which is showing version 2.61 as the latest, yet my other environment installed 2.71 from the same source list. How can that be?
Jonathan Brito
Jul 25 2017 15:11
@jgeorgeson I just rebuilt the server; I tried what you suggested it was too painful lol
Jul 25 2017 17:02
yeah it sucked. but we didn't have a backup yet so it seemed less hassle than possibly losing a credential or some esoteric tool config or something
we have backups now
Jul 25 2017 18:46
i have searched for a plugin to update the time along with the console log each line and found the timestamper plugin. But, i could not see the time in pipeline job console log. Can anyone please let me know which plugin suits for my request?