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Jul 2017
Chris McConnell
Jul 27 2017 00:11
Hello All, curious if anyone is using Jenkins and NodeJs with the Custom Tool Node Installations. It's not clear to me why we can only select max node version of NodeJs 5.10.1 from the dropdown menu within Jenkins. What I see from the plugin page ( ) are screenshots showing much newer versions such as 6.9.5 ?
I just upgraded Jenkins to most recent 2.7.1 and all plugins as well.
Jul 27 2017 07:41
fails at the stage npm install
mvn com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin:npm
Jul 27 2017 10:12
hey guys, I have a question about Pipeline, Is there a way to use radio buttons in pipeline step?
and is there a jenkins slack channel, I cant find it because of slack plugins :smile:
Oleg Nenashev
Jul 27 2017 10:41
@peskic93 Nope, no Slack channel IIRC. #jenkins in IRC is the main community channel
@cmcconnell1 Which update center do you use? Tool listings come from update centers. From what I see in the main UC, the versions are up to date:
@zanhsieh FYI all operations with are blacklisted, because they do not do what you expect them to do. These file operations would happen on the master, not on the agent
Jul 27 2017 12:19
@oleg-nenashev thanks and good to know. getClass() seems also need administrator approval.
Chris McConnell
Jul 27 2017 17:48
@oleg-nenashev thanks for the reponse, I was using the plugin upgrade UI interface within jenkins