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Aug 2017
Aionitoaie Andrei
Aug 04 2017 06:05
what do you mean by " a job folder"
Aug 04 2017 15:46
Hi all ! need some help with downstream/upstream ... Job A triggers job B .. ( job A wont finish until Job B is done ) I want to send a slack message when the job A is done with info that contains stuff about both jobs, so I want both $JOB_NAME of job a and $JOB_NAME of job B variables.. so i somehow need to pass $JOB_NAME of B to the job A ...
Aug 04 2017 23:24
@yozzz06_twitter there's a plugin that lets you organize jobs into folders and supports things like per-folder permissions a per-folder config files, so it might also let you aggregate reports from jobs per folder